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Currentcost Envi Update

By Mangrove Mike

I was about to un-plug the old Linux work-horse (being slowly replaced by sexy Mac Mini Server) and realised that I hadn't converted my Currentcost Envi to work on OSX.

I initially thought it would be pretty straight-forward but after a labourious and unusual CPAN update to my perl installation I hit a road block with talking to the Prolific Serial to USB port.

After a few days of time here and there mucking around to get it to work, I discovered that the Mac uses serial ports differently to Linux.  Essentially OSX maps a tty.usbserial port (dialin) AND a cu.usbserial port (dialout). 

So a quick alteration to my routine to query the cu.usbserial port and everything now works perfectly.  All weather and power data for is now coming from the Mac Mini.